Dr. Sherrill Sellman shares her personal experience with the hormone progesterone and how it helped her and could help other woman deal with perimenopause and menopause.

Unique Progesterone

To request further details about Unique progesterone cream and for the order link, please email Judy Evans at: info@progesteronelink.com or call 01935 474343

Bioidentical Progesterone
All natural ingredients:
(Ecocert Approved)

All Organic Plant-Based: Petro-Chemical Free; GMO-Free

Formulated with Bio-Identical, USP Natural Progesterone

Contains no less than 1450mg of progesterone per 60g/2oz tube

Approximately 3% strength

Purity & Potency Guaranteed by HPLC Analysis

100% Hypo Allergenic

Gluten free

One tube should last approximately 2 – 3 months

Manufactured exclusively in the USA

Delivery within 2 – 3 weeks

NB You do not need a consultation to order the cream.

When choosing a progesterone cream it is important to know exactly what you are purchasing by way of ingredients, how much progesterone (the active ingredient) is actually contained within a specific product and the cost per item. As a naturopath, I have been acutely aware of how crucial this information is for many of those about to embark on a journey of natural hormone balancing which at best can seem a little confusing and at worse, a complete mystery. This is understandable when you consider that it has taken me over 20 years of constant, and sometimes, intense research to acquire the vast knowledge I have on this subject and hence the ability to incorporate natural progesterone therapy into my practice. I must say that after all this time; the majority of my clients are still happily and safely using progesterone cream as part of a supported treatment plan which suited their particular symptoms.

For me to be absolutely sure that the progesterone cream I recommend for my clients is one of the best if not the best, I needed to look at every aspect of what would constitute an excellent product with a reasonable price. Having researched Unique progesterone cream for over two years, and being in constant dialogue with the manufacturers, I have no doubt that Unique progesterone cream is indeed the very best for my clients.