Lack of energy

There are many causes for a lack of energy, but if everything has been medically tested as being normal and no apparent condition has been diagnosed, then there is a possibility that a hormonal imbalance of progesterone and oestrogen could be to blame. Even if the thyroid hormones are within normal ranges, they may be on the lower end of the scale which can still have an adverse effect for some. This is better known as subclinical hypothyroidism by most naturopaths. Women can develop symptoms at any age, but it is more prevalent during the peri-menopause and after menopause when progesterone has dropped to very low levels and oestrogen becomes the dominant hormone. High oestrogen levels can interfere with the thyroid glands normal functions. Please see here for symptoms of an underactive thyroid – hypothyroidism. Energy can be improved when progesterone is restored to normal physiological levels and the thyroid gland is supported by optimum nutrition.

Libido loss, including loss of femininity/masculinity and impotence

Some of the causes are: Use of drugs such as Prozac; excess alcohol intake; fatigue; stress; low zinc; high cholesterol; some diseases; hypothyroidism and pre-menstrual drop in progesterone.

Progesterone has been of benefit to many people, particularly those coming off Prozac. High levels of oxidised cholesterol can be reduced very easily by the anti-oxidants Vit A, C, E, B3, selenium and zinc. A combination of chromium and B3 (niacin) can lower cholesterol in 50% of those taking it. Excess alcohol reduces the essential fatty acids and Omega 3 is known to improve libido. Testosterone is always regarded as increasing libido, in both men and women. Possibly a sexist viewpoint, as a study on young men showed that although progesterone lowered testosterone levels to the point where it acted as a contraceptive by inhibiting sperm from maturing, it did not affect libido at all! As progesterone is involved in the manufacture of the stress hormones, any stress is helped by using it. (see also infertility).