Vaginal thinning, dryness and itching

The Pill often causes inflammation because it suppresses normal hormone production, in particular progesterone, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory. Post menopausal vaginal thinning and dryness responds to progesterone therapy but may take some time. Candida and other infections occur with greater frequency after menopause because of changes in the vagina.

As an initial lubricant a progesterone cream inserted into the vagina is very soothing. In fact some women have found it of such benefit during intercourse that they prefer to use it in preference to a patent lubricant. To protect against invasion by pathogens, some authorities suggest that a capsule of L. acidophilus be inserted into the vagina. This is one of the beneficial bacteria that lives there. If candida is present then a course of L. acidophilus and B. bifidum should be taken until it goes.