Wouldn’t be without the cream

I cannot live without it. Myself and two other ladies use it regularly.

We went to a talk at Cottingham, near Kingston upon Hull many years ago. The talk was by Judy Evans. Very interesting and positive especially as I was on the border line for osteoporosis. I do believe in self-help for oneself. Judy suggested that I try the cream and I have never looked back.

The results have been great, not only for myself but one of my friends no longer has scans as her bones are so improved. The other friend swears by it. It not only helps bones but sleeping paterns are better, and when using it I feel better in myself.

Thank you Judy for introducing us to “ORGANIC UNIQUE” cream. I am a lady in my late 70’s and wouldn’t be without the cream.

Sheila Hunter, Hull



Hello Judy,

I have been meaning to forward a pic of the lovely Maxwell that arrived April 20th 9.9lb!
He is a complete darling and very very chilled..
Thank you so much for your help in getting me back on track so that we were able to conceive!!
Pregnancy and birth all went smoothly and we are super happy ☺️

Olivia Ferrier, Brighton

julie bingham1

My first hot flush was very unpleasant

My first hot flush was very unpleasant, so this is it, I thought. Luckily, I knew Judy Evans who was a participant in a complementary health day that I had organised. It took about two weeks for the flushes to subside and the aches and pains to go. After a month, I had no more trouble and I have never looked back. This was about 11 years ago. I’m so grateful to Judy for putting me onto natural progesterone cream.

Julie Bingham, Dorset

Wearing yellow next to Mum

Take this opportunity to thank Judy

I was suffering very badly with hot flushes, in fact I had one every 20 minutes 24/7. I did not want to take HRT so I tried various herbal remedies which at the time made significant improvement. However, I had to have major surgery on my spine and after a few months noticed that the hot flushes and night sweats returned with a vengeance. I was working at the time in a very stressful environment and of course stress only made symptoms worse. Against my better judgement and out of sheer desperation I took HRT for about a year, but in my heart I knew it was not right.

One day I was reading a magazine and came across an article about Dr John Lee and natural progesterone, I knew then that I had to read his book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”. I read it from cover to cover and it made the greatest sense. I then decided to wean myself off HRT which I did over a period of approx. 2 months. I then went on a mission to find out where I could get natural progesterone and finally came across Judy Evans. I ordered the natural progesterone and my hot flushes gradually disappeared and I felt much calmer and I know it helped me through a very difficult few years. Twelve years later and I am still using natural progesterone and would not want to be without it.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Judy for all her help over the years. I have telephoned her many times with a query or problem and she has always been very gracious and offered help and advice.

Heather Kintish, South Devon


The only cream for me has to be UNIQUE

I have been using Unique cream since 1999. I had endometriosis which has now gone. Natural progesterone has balanced my body and helped negate the harmful effects of too much oestrogen.
It has also worked for me as a natural antidepressant which has been very helpful. It normalizes blood sugar levels, zinc and copper levels, restores proper cell oxygen levels. It can help prevent breast and endometrial cancer. It stimulates osteo-blast bone building plus it has many more benefits.
I have kept very well, keep trim and look great. The only safe way to achieve hormonal balance is to go the natural way. Now UNIQUE cream is even better as it is all ORGANIC. The only cream for me has to be UNIQUE.

Gail Reichter, Dorset


Looking forward to her book which she is frequently encouraged to write

I had the very good fortune to meet Judy Evans in the late 1990s at the time of her discovery and subsequent adventures to make other women aware of natural progesterone cream. I was with her on several occasions when she was meeting Dr Lee or giving talks on the subject herself. Dr Lee’s knowledge and research led to Judy studying naturopathy for 5 years to qualify as a naturopath and medical herbalist.

As a younger woman, I suffered many side-effects after using the pill which I was informed would help rebalance my hormones at the time. I had a worsening of my migraines and became bloated all of which, I had learned at Judy’s talks, could have been prevented had I used natural progesterone instead of the pill. It is interesting to see how women respond when they also hear about natural progesterone with most asking, why don’t GPs know about this?

I think I was ripe for taking the alternative message on board having been hit by ME at the prime of my life, which I now know was due to an underactive thyroid. Whilst continuing to struggle on with my work as a period house restorer as well as being a young mother, I was constantly looking for answers as to why I felt so ill with what I thought was mainly ME.

I discovered it is a minefield out there with so many toxic chemicals in the environment which can affect our wellbeing in so many ways. With my own quest to find out what I could do to gain better health and with the continuing help and support of Judy Evans, I have improved immeasurably. I have changed my diet considerably mainly taking out refined sugar. I do Pilates 3 times a week which is an excellent form of exercise to gently strengthen the muscles while increasing flexibility. I have lost weight and am once again the size and shape I was when in my 20’s which I would have never believed could happen. I have never felt so well and happy.

I have all this thanks to Judy and I am so looking forward to her book which she is frequently encouraged to write.

Cynthia Leigh


I feel healthier and more energetic

I used natural progesterone cream prior to conceiving both my children. In the case of my eldest son I had only been trying for 3 months before deciding to start natural progesterone cream (I was very impatient!). The following month I became pregnant with my eldest son. I stopped using Natural Progesterone Cream once I finished breastfeeding when my son was 2 and a half.

Two and a half years after the birth of my first son I started trying for a second child. I became pregnant after 3 months but had a miscarriage at 8 weeks gestation. I continued to try for a further 15 months before seeing a nutritionist who put me in touch with Judy Evans. Judy recommended Natural Progesterone cream and some herbal supplements. In particular, she was able to advise how best to use the cream to ensure it was as effective as possible. Two months later I became pregnant with my second son.

The consultations I had with Judy Evans were very thorough and professional, covering all aspects of my health and well being. Judy gave me invaluable advice which I believe was critical in helping me conceive and maintain general good health throughout my pregnancies and after.

I continue to use Natural Progesterone Cream because when I do I feel healthier and more energetic, am less prone to gaining weight and am much calmer. It also greatly improves my rosacea.

Janine Franklin

This was me on my sixtieth birthday with my four daughters and eight grand-children. I am very proud of my part in it all!

I am so glad I found you and that you are still there at the end of the phone

As the menopause approached I wanted to know more about it. There was something beating in my brain that seemed unable to accept that HRT was the only answer to the symptons that “the change” would bring. I read Germaine Greer’s book ‘The Change’. Her words became part of the answer to my own “rite of passage”. I needed to know more though. I felt that there was a large piece of the jigsaw missing. I needed the company of other women who had rejected HRT. Who knew that there were alternative therapies that wouldn’t have the side effects that HRT offered. Who would perhaps have travelled further along the climacteric trail and could therefore share their experiences. I felt that if I could fully understand the physical symptons then I would be free to take stock and make decisions about my life and my career.

I spoke briefly to a friend about my concerns and my confusion. She introduced me to Judy Evans. I had found the final part of my jigsaw. In 2003 I was taken to a meeting in Judy’s house and there I discovered exactly what I was looking for. A group of women discussing health issues lead by Judy who passionately believed that HRT was a dangerous drug. She believed that natural progesterone could revolutionise the health of many women, particularly during menopause. I was so relieved to have ‘come home.’ Thanks to Judy and her determination to educate women about using natural progesterone to restore hormone balance in our health, I am well and in control of my own life.

Thank you Judy. It all made sense at the time and continues to make sense. I am so glad I found you and that you are still there at the end of the phone.

Sandra Bray, Somerset


Feel healthier, have far more energy

I had no idea how powerful the hormones in our bodies could be. I first consulted Judy to help with symptoms of PMS and the progesterone cream she suggested to me helped considerably. Inevitably, my body is now in peri-menopause and the cream is marvellous as it is taking me through the menopause without all the uncomfortable symptoms. However, I did change the routine pattern of my cream by mistake once and the after-effects of this were significant: I became paranoid, imagining people were saying and doing things behind my back, I would be irritable and snap at work colleagues and friends. This was a taste of what I would be like without the help of the progesterone cream and it was frankly rather frightening, making me realise that I really would have found it hard to cope in this particular stage of my life.

If you make an appointment to see your GP with symptoms of the menopause, I would advise you to seriously reconsider, as you will most certainly be encouraged to start HRT treatment, which carries potential risks and only delays the process. There is an alternative which is much safer and allows you to carry on in your everyday life without all the uncomfortable night-sweats and hot flushes. I have not had any of these symptoms and religiously apply my cream as part of my normal routine. It really is not onerous and has probably saved me from going round the bend!

I encourage any woman of menopausal age to visit Judy as she is not only a shining example of her own treatment but wants to help woman so they do not put themselves through unnecessary risk or discomfort. There is another bonus too, Judy is not only an expert in women’s hormones; as a practicing Naturopath and Herbalist she will also recommend a personal life-style to suit your particular body. I have chosen to follow mine and feel healthier, have far more energy, I sleep better and am told I look much younger than my age; I certainly don’t feel it!

Julia Sutherland, Dorset

Lynn is pictured with her son and grandson. She has 5 grandchildren altogether.

It has saved me

I have been using unique for almost 6 years and I can honestly say it is my saviour.

When I was in my early 40’s I started getting horrible symptoms, heavy periods (clots) bad migraines, insomnia, hair loss, and an awful burning, tingling, stinging in my whole body and what I can only describe as an electrical current buzzing through my head when I lay down to sleep.

My GP gave me antidepressants and something to help me sleep. He wouldn’t test my progesterone or oestrogen as he said it was a waste of time. I had a heart monitor for 24 hours as the palpitations were so bad, I thought I would pass out. After seeing many private doctors in Harley Street and a homoeopath, and having been diagnosed with anything from Thyroid disease, Addison’s, B12 deficiency, peripheral neuropathy, having my amalgam fillings removed safely, MRI and spending a lot of time and money on all different alternative medications, I came across Judy Evans.

I took heed her advice. I bought all Dr John Lee’s books and started to read them one by one and everything just clicked. My problem was peri-menopause. Armed with the info I went to my GP who started to write a prescription for HRT!!!! Why would I want to take that?? I only went to see him to keep him in the loop. I went home and ordered my first supply of progesterone cream from Judy. It took a few weeks to kick in and I have never looked back. Judy kept an eye on things by arranging saliva tests to see where I was in relation to oestrogen/progesterone.

After nearly 6 years (I am now 52) I can only say it has saved me. I used to get so depressed and thought if this is my life I don’t want it. I used the cream for 21 days and have a break for 7 days to give my receptor sites a rest, but I know I could use it every day in the short term if I needed to. With Judy’s help and the progesterone I now have a life. No hot flushes, no insomnia, no weird sensations. My has hair grown long and healthy and no depression! …you get the picture. I hope by reading this it will help others to make the right decision for better health and happiness.

Lynn Parker, Suffolk


Helped to keep me feeling much calmer and able to cope

Unique natural progesterone cream helped me through the menopause. Then, three years ago, at the age of 57 I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst and had to have a radical hysterectomy.

I continued with my natural progesterone cream whilst in hospital and during my recovery from the operation.

It certainly has helped to keep me feeling much calmer and able to cope.

Marilyn Dale, Gloucestershire


I’m forever grateful

Being a PCOS sufferer, my cycles had always been all over the place at best and non-existent at worst, and my health had suffered but the worst thing was the fear of not being able to conceive or not being able to carry a baby to term.

I saw a holistic health practitioner and considered dietary changes and lifestyle changes which all helped, but my progesterone levels were very very low and the GP could only suggest medication when I wanted to conceive which is always my last option!

I started using the progesterone cream and it really helped get my periods started. When I was settled on it we started TTC and was pregnant the 2nd month. The pregnancy went 100% wonderfully and now we have a beautiful baby girl.

Judy has supported me in how to use the cream at all stages and I’m forever grateful!

Lindsey Guttridge, Dorset


Well Done Judy for her tireless work over the years

I had the most horrendous PMT symptons, after seeing doctor after doctor and being told that “women like me” need anti depressants, I stumbled upon Judy, and have never looked back (over 12 years).

Natural Progesterone Cream not only curbed at least 90% of my PMT symptons (and other major benefits too), but has helped me enormously through the peri menopause. It gave me and my family the person who was only there 4 days a month,- back. Now I fully understand how Natural Progesterone works. It’s so simple, drug free, and totally natural.

Well Done Judy for her tireless work over the years, to get this message over to women, you DO NOT have to suffer.

Karen Bridger, Somerset


My little miracle all possible due to our Naturopathic knowledge

Hey Judy,

I have attached a picture of my little miracle all possible due to our Naturopathic knowledge.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. X

Amané Alturk ND & Medical Herbalist, Brighton


I would recommend this natural progesterone cream

At age 19 it was confirmed that all but one follicle on my ovaries were blocked up by cysts. Poly cystic ovarian syndrome was the diagnosis. My Dr told me that it would be near impossible to conceive naturally. I battled terribly with irregular cycles, PMS, irritability, tiredness, leathery and weight gain, spots, hair growth in places I didn’t want!  I discovered Judy and started using natural progesterone cream. I went off to uni, and used natural progesterone on and off when I felt I needed it. At age 23 I had another scan, showing normal ovaries! The cysts had shrunk!  At age 25 I conceived (naturally) my first daughter. I continued to use the natural progesterone until about week 20 (I naively just stopped) and two weeks later my waters started to leak! Drs couldn’t give me a reason as to why this would have happened, but at 26 weeks our baby girl was born weighing 1lb 9oz. She came out screaming (something drs said wouldn’t happen) she battled through so much and is now a perfectly healthy almost 5 year old. Her strength and determination has amazed many in the medical profession. I credit her strength to the progesterone cream. She is so strong and incredibly bright. Very forwards physically for her age too.

In 2015 we braved to try for another baby. I fell pregnant straight away having ‘eaten clean’ for the 6 months previously and not being on any supplements or progesterone cream.

However I started to use progesterone cream at week 8 and continued right up until 39+3 when our second beautiful girl was born weighing a much healthier 7lbs 13oz!

She has thrived, fed immediately and put on a pound in her first week! She’s incredibly strong too and very switched on! She’s almost crawling and not even 7 months.

I would recommend this natural progesterone cream to anyone TTC or who has had miscarriages or premature babies previously. Thank you Judy.

Charlotte Herb, Somerset